ROYAL: Episode 8 Now Online + Schedule Updates!

[Edit 6/28/19: This series is being reworked for special distribution and is no longer available online. Please follow my site for more information in the coming months!]

Dear ROYAL Readers,

Episode Eight: A Justification for the Hate of Amelia Layne is now online!  If you haven’t yet started the series, then don’t cheat—start HERE.  Each episode is a quick 20-minute read, so you can binge them all for less time than it takes to sit through ENDGAME!

With summer coming hard and fast and a plethora of projects on the horizon, I am adjusting my episode release schedule from monthly to bi-monthly for the remainder of 2019. Yes, that means a longer wait time between episodes, but I promise the series will continue.

When I first began posting ROYAL, keeping to a monthly release was easy-breezy as I had three complete episodes aleady in the can and the fourth one mostly done. Now, as my other creative projects are gaining steam, I find myself juggling those along with my full-time day job and the propsect of a busy summer with my driver’s permit-wielding 15-year-old. As they say, something’s gotta give, and in this case, it’s gotta be the self-imposed monthly deadlines for ROYAL.

But don’t despair! As I said, this series will NOT disappear. In fact, as a thank you for your patience and interest in ROYAL, I’ve prepared a brief synopsis of the remaining six episodes. Think of it as my little way of enticing you not to stray too far:

Episode Nine: An Admission of the Fault—A teen with a terminal prognosis learns of Amelia’s ability and asks for just one more year to spend with loved ones. When his cancer then goes into remission, Amelia must deal with the aftermath. Amelia is caught up in the disappearance of someone she’s saved.

Episode Ten: An Interpretation of the Heart—An expectant mother sets off Morty, but when Amelia realizes the fetus—not the mother—will die, she must determine how to deal with a heartbreaking situation. Aasma returns and offers a truce and her help. Rufus and Amelia make amends.

Episode Eleven: A Consequence of the Crime—A man on death row becomes Amelia’s next potential subject when his guilt is brought into question by a popular local crime podcast. But will more years matter if his life is still spent behind bars? 

Episode Twelve: A Reassembly of the Pieces—Aasma alerts Amelia to the victims of a deadly family car crash. While she hopes to save the older daughter, the girl’s dying father—a drunk and the only other person to survive—may have been the cause of the crash. Aasma pays a price for her assistance to Amelia.

Episode Thirteen: A Visitation of the Past–Amelia flies home to confront her ailing father. While there, she runs into an old flame whose PTSD endangers himself and those he loves. Through helping him, Amelia discovers that time and forgiveness can be more powerful than pain. Just as they reconnect on a personal level, Rufus is called back to London on business.

Episode Fourteen: A Resolution of the Time–Aasma makes an important decision about the rest of her time. With one week to go and seven years left to give away, Amelia worries she may not make the cutoff, but Cue appears with an interesting choice. Rufus returns, bringing with him shocking news. 

That’s it!  Just six more episodes before Amelia’s mission is done.  And please, if you are enjoying the series, spread the word!

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