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Here is where you can find my work in the “outside world.”

In the Shadow of the Spires: A Collection of Noir Tales from the Frederick Writers’ Salon

In the Shadow of the Spires: A Collection of Noir Tales from the Frederick Writers Salon

“Dames and Dark Alleys”—Undercover “prohi” Sadie St. James has her hands full tracking down a notorious bootlegger in 1928 Maryland, while keeping a nosy state cop at bay and her girlfriend in the dark about why she spends every night at the local speakeasy.

Unlocked: Short Stories from the Frederick Writers’ Salon

Unlocked: Short Stories from the Frederick Writers' Salon

“Born Out of Time”—Twelve-year-old Xinnia feels she belongs to an earlier era, a sentiment reinforced by the 19th century longcase clock passed down through her family’s generations. After the death of her grandfather, she discovers letters about the clock from Mirabel, a distant relative who longs for the world of the future.

Intersections: A Short Story Anthology from the Frederick Writers’ Salon

Intersections: A short story anthology from the Frederick Writers' Salon

“The Color of Love and Olive Trees”—William Zeytoon is certain his boyfriend will propose over dinner that evening. The problem? People in the Zeytoon family tend to lose their color when they marry. Is his love for Micah stronger than his need to live a color-filled life? William hopes to come up with the answer before the wine is served.

beach pulp cover

Beach Pulp from Cat & Mouse Press

Beach Pulp: Amazing Stories Set in Rehoboth, Bethany, Cape May, Lewes, Ocean City, and Other Beach Towns

Beach Pulp is an anthology of “fun, campy beach reads” set in beach towns along the DelMarVa coast that includes my short story, “A Million Tiny Bites”—A relaxing day at the beach turns into a terror-filled night for a cheating man at the hands of his vengeful wife.

Cover of the Beach Dreams book. A woman sits on a bench in front of a sea shore, while swirls of color and fanciful lines seem to emanate from her mind into the sky above her.

Beach Dreams from Cat & Mouse Press

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Beach Dreams

Beach Dreams is the seventh book in the popular, award-winning, Rehoboth Beach Reads series, which includes my story, “Dreams We’ve Lived”—A journalist interviews an old woman about her antique beach tag collection and learns there may be more to the plastic trinkets than faded memories of sunny days.

Sandy Paws front cover

Sandy Paws from Cat & Mouse Press

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Sandy Paws includes more than twenty short fiction, non-fiction, and light poetry pieces that feature cats and dogs along the DelMarVa coast. “It Happened One Night” is best described as a mashup between Cats & Dogs and Freaky Friday: “A Cape May household is turned upside down when strange events force Barkley the boxer and Clawdette the calico to walk a mile in each other’s paws.”

allegory cover

“Visceral” – Published at Allegory Online Magazine

A mother, haunted by a final gruesome phone call from her daughter, hunts the vicious beast that killed her.

Allegory is a biannual online magazine of science fiction, fantasy and horror.  “Visceral” appeared in issue 36/63, (November 2019-April 2020), which is now available for purchase from their archives.

lsq s word screenshot.png

The S Word: Monthly Column on Luna Station Quarterly

My current series, “Speculative-Inspired Arts,” features interviews with artists from performing, fine, and applied arts disciplines who are inspired by the speculative books and movies we love. Or, you can comb through the posts from my previous series titled “A World Without Sex,” which aimed to help writers with non-patriarchal worldbuilding.