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Here is where you can find my work in the “outside world.”

Unlocked: Short Stories from the Frederick Writers’ Salon

“Born Out of Time”—Twelve-year-old Xinnia feels she belongs to an earlier time, a sentiment reinforced by the 19th century longcase clock passed down through her family’s generations. After the death of her grandfather, she discovers letters about the clock from Mirabel, a distant relative who longs for the world of the future.



Intersections: A Short Story Anthology from the Frederick Writers’ Salon

“The Color of Love and Olive Trees”—William Zeytoon is certain his boyfriend will propose over dinner that evening. The problem? People in the Zeytoon family tend to lose their color when they marry. Is his love for Micah stronger than his need to live a color-filled life? William hopes to come up with the answer before the wine is served.