Author. Bibliophile. Columnist.

DMDomosea_May2016_08.jpgD.M. Domosea is a certified adult for eight hours of the day and a make-believer for the rest. Her work is featured in various anthologies, including Beach Pulp from Cat and Mouse Press and Intersections: A Short Story Anthology From The Frederick Writers’ Salon. She also writes a monthly column titled “The S Word” for the Luna Station Quarterly blog. D.M. is currently seeking representation for her middle grade superhero adventure novel, Colossa and the Big Kids.

D.M. has a B.A. in Journalism and a M.A. in Diplomacy, the latter of which has proven useful for covering up a crack in her office wall. That crack may or may not lead to other worlds. When she’s not busy doing her characters’ biddings, she can often be found in the R section of life: Refinishing furniture, Running off calories from a Root beer float addiction, and of course, Reading.  She lives in the dwindling woodlands of Maryland with her husband, youngest daughter, a Great Pyrenees who can’t be bothered to mind, and the writer’s requirement of two insolent cats (Yes, she’s aware that’s redundant.) Follow her on Twitter @DMDomosea