New Anthology Release from Frederick Writer’s Salon

intersections-twitterI am crazy-proud to announce that–after more than a year of drafting, critiquing, writing, editing, soliciting, formatting, and polishing–my writing support group has released our second short-story anthology! INTERSECTIONS is now available in paperback and digital download on Amazon, and all proceeds for online and in-store sales benefit the Literacy Council of Frederick, Maryland.

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Drowning In Good Intentions


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I am drowning in good intentions, and it is quite the bittersweet experience.

It all began on the first day of December 2016 with an idea spurred by an event that took place almost a month earlier—that most hateful of days: Election Day. Now faced with an ugly political landscape guaranteed to harm the disadvantaged, exploit the vulnerable, and bully the voiceless, I decided to publicly assist charitable organizations that empower those groups. I called it “$25 for 25.”

Every day of the first twenty-five days of Christmas, I donated $25 to a different charity that touched on a variety of issues, including social, environmental, and rights advocacy, religious relations, and aid relief. I then took a screenshot of the donation receipt and posted it—along with a link to the organization’s donation website—on Twitter. I don’t have many followers, but I hoped my posts might inspire some of them to click on one of the links and donate whatever amount they could afford, or perhaps retweet the link to give the charity group even more exposure. Every little bit of funding or word-of-mouth advertisement helps. I truly believe that. Now comes the part where I am drowning, and the only way to stay afloat is to be a total ass. Continue reading

Juggling multiple POV characters? Do THIS!

Congratulations! You’ve gone and done a heroic thing and put multiple heroes in your book. As the saying goes: two heroes (or three or four or…) are better than one.  Yes, I’m paraphrasing a tad.  My point is, you have a big, beautiful, complex book – more than likely part of a series – and you’ve woven together a rich tapestry of personalities, quirks, talents and phobias in the form of multiple point-of-view characters.  You’ve got guts, and you’re in good company.  Continue reading

Pitch Wars Young Adult Mentors Handy MSWL

So, I did a thing….

If you are a hopeful Pitch Wars mentee for Young Adult/New Adult, and you haven’t already picked out your Most Wanted Mentors, then do I have a helpful list for you!  I had the day off (courtesy a left eye surgery – thanks, early onset cataracts!) and spent the parts of it when I wasn’t napping with bandages packed over my eye browsing through the mentor blogs.  The intent was to make a reference of all the mentors taking YA Fantasy, as that’s my entry this year.  But then, one thing led to another, and wouldn’t you know it….I now have a full list of all the mentors with the major genres they are slobbering for this year!

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A Word on Whores

That’s an attention-grabbing, click-bait headline if ever there was one. But lucky for you, I’m not going to try to sell you anything.  Okay, that’s actually a lie. Eventually, I want to sell you my book once I get it out there, but you have some time before you are contractually obligated to me for clicking on my headline. Anyway, for better or worse, the headline IS an accurate description of what I want to talk about.  Whores.  I seem to be running into a lot of them lately.

In the books I’m reading, that is.

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Kick-Ass Women and the Woman Who Loves Them

Somewhere between the ages of 5 and 10, I had a bracelet. Well, to be honest, my oldest sister had the bracelet. I just borrowed it on occasion. It was a cuff-type bracelet; about two inches wide in faux silver finish and open in the back so you could squeeze your wrist into it.  Whenever I managed to get my grubby childhood paws on the bracelet, this magical thing would happen where I would throw my arms out and spin in place in a circle.  And then, miraculously, I could stop bullets with that bracelet. And hop into a jet that no one else could see and fly away to rescue mankind.

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The Inner Worlds of a Writer

I have a rich inner world. A treasure chest of stories in my head. A personal copy of a “1001 Arabian Nights”-type book in which I write all the tales.  No big deal, right?  I’m a writer. All writers have thriving imaginations.  It’s what makes us able to create the stories people want to read.

And I supposed that’s how everyone’s inner life worked. We create great works of fiction – sometimes contemporary, sometimes sci-fi or fantasy (mine are nearly all sci-fi and fantasy…) – in our heads. Everyone amuses themselves with reimagined movie plots, book retellings, and original stories when they have time to think aimlessly, right? I assumed as much, until I had a discussion about it with my husband one night.

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My First Flash Fiction Piece

So I did it.  I finally tried a bit of flash fiction for an online contest.  The prompt was the line, “Take a chance on me.”  Below is the result:

A Chance by DM Domosea

(submitted for the August 28 Operation Awesome Flash Fiction #19 contest. No winner selected for that round.)

Her lips part, soft and beckoning.

“Take a chance on me.”

Her call surrounds you and lifts you from a deep sleep. You open your eyes. It’s late. The full moon drenches your room in blue light. Within it, you watch yourself dress, a detached observer. You walk out your door, down the staircase and across the empty lobby to the heavy wood doors.

“Take a chance on me.”

Yes, I am coming.

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Dear Important Minor POV Character


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Dear Important Minor POV Character,

It has come to my attention that, despite the epic fantasy genre of my latest work, it is not advisable to have more point-of-view characters than George R. R. Martin has dead ones. In an effort to bring my POV character count down to a more respectable and manageable number, I must enact austere measures. After careful review of all characters who have provided their viewpoints in various sections of my manuscript, I regret to inform you that I will be cutting your position as a POV character.

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