KMBM: Know Me By My Buttons!

QUICK INTRO: I’ve been mulling over ways to enrich my site with more personal and visual content. One day, while staring at my computer bag with its colorful assortment of buttons and pins, I thought about my post from last September in which I shared one of my old library loan lists. I called it a “Know Me By My” game. It occurred to me I could easily do the same thing with my button collection. And my refrigerator magnets. And my coffee mugs. And my journals. And maybe more. These are all collections of related items that say a bit about who I am without sharing deeply personal or sensitive information. So, if you are game, look for my “KMBM: Know Me By My” posts each third Monday of the month. Or, the fourth Monday in months with five Mondays in them (ick!)  And now, KMBM: Buttons! Continue reading