Little Victories Deserve a Blog Post, Too!


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‘Tis the season for obligatory social media posts and articles that offer up MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS of 2019 and LIFE-CHANGING RESOLUTIONS of 2020. Be honest—how many have you come across so far? Too many? Have you reached “list” overload? Can you stomach one more?  I promise, mine is different. Mine is about celebrating the little things, those tiny victories and everyday goals that matter in the smallest but no less fulfilling of ways. Why? Well, think of them as the grout that holds the big, flashy tiles of ACHIEVEMENT in place. No one really notices or cares about the grout. It’s perfunctory and boring, but the tiles don’t work without its support. The little stuff matters, if only to you and in ways that only you understand, so that you can achieve the larger, more grandiose goals in life. Continue reading