Episode Four of ROYAL Now Available!

[Edit 6/28/19: This series is being reworked for special distribution and is no longer available online. Please follow my site for more information in the coming months!]

Welcome to 2019! Are you ready to get started on your New Year’s Read-o-lutions? Start here with Episode Four of The Recipients of the Years of Amelia Layne (ROYAL for short.)  If you are new to the series, no cheating! Start HERE instead.

silhouette of person under starry night artwork

Photo by Murilo Folgosi on Pexels.com

ROYAL depicts the journey of a suicidal young woman as she learns to value life—literally—by giving away her unwanted years to those due to die in the next twelve months.

For anyone who’s read the first three episodes, please note that I’ve made a few minor edits to them as I finished up episode four. Particularly, I’ve changed the way Amelia refers to the device that shows her the people intended to die in the coming year. The official name is still a mortality determinator, but rather than calling it a fake or faux phone all the time (which may be confused with her actual phone), I gave it a name. Or rather, Amelia gives it a name. So if you are reading episode four and wondering who in the hell this “Morty” person is, it’s the device Cue gives her in episode one. On a related note, I’ll try my best to keep edits on already-published episodes to a minimum, but I may need to make a few from time to time, to smooth out edges.

Thank you to everyone following and reading The Recipients of the Years of Amelia Layne. If you enjoy it, please take time to recommend it to friends, family and coworkers via social media or actual word-of-mouth.

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