Dear Important Minor POV Character

Dear Important Minor POV Character,

It has come to my attention that, despite the epic fantasy genre of my latest work, it is not advisable to have more point-of-view characters than George R. R. Martin has dead ones. In an effort to bring my POV character count down to a more respectable and manageable number, I must enact austere measures. After careful review of all characters who have provided their viewpoints in various sections of my manuscript, I regret to inform you that I will be cutting your position as a POV character.

Please do not take this as a commentary of your work to date in the book. Your exuberance in chapter 12 provides a brilliant bit of lightheartedness to an otherwise dire scene. Likewise, your point-of-view section in chapter 19 adds a sympathetic and humorous foil to the angry discussions that take place among the royalty in the dining hall.  You have played your part beautifully, and I commend you for it.

However, my reduced budget for POV characters requires that I remove at least one of you. With a few adjustments to the beginning of the chapter, I believe your POV can be switched to the character whose POV is featured in the second half of the chapter.  I expect this switch to tighten the narrative and pace, and to give more depth to the antagonist through whom all of chapter 19 will now be told.  Keep in mind that a well-written book benefits us all. Your sacrifice in this matter elevates the chance for this story to be read and loved on a grander scale.

I want to be clear that you are not being cut from the manuscript altogether. Your presence is still required in both chapters 12 and 19, and I have plans for you to appear in at least two chapters of the next book.  I am also still considering fuller development of a minor subplot surrounding the situation between you and your commanding officer.  And while I cannot make any official promises, there is a possibility that, if you continue to grow as a character – with your technological expertise and charming yet naïve manner – you may become a love interest for one of the four Main Characters.

Please take heart in knowing that you are integral to the plot. Your contributions as an important minor character are noticed and appreciated. Thank you for your time and your understanding.


D.M. Domosea

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