My Website Glow-Up!

At long last – I’m excited to announce my Glow-Up!  And when I say “my,” I mean my online presence. If you regularly read my posts via my website or even visit (darest I dream it…?) on a regular basis, you’ve probably already noticed it for yourself.  But for followers who read my posts via the WordPress Reader, Amazon Author Pages, or Goodreads, I invite you to click on over to take a look around. If you have cookies and punch handy, go grab them, because this is totally a “cookies and punch reception” type of thing!

Not an official author photo, but good enough for now!

So what’s the special occasion, you might ask? I’m in the final stages of readying my middle grade superhero adventure novel Colossa and the Big Kids for a second round of agent querying. The first go-round met with a lukewarm reception, so I’m doing everything I can to increase my chance for success this time. That includes professionalizing my online persona to ensure agents know I’m serious about being a children’s book author. (I’ll have more about that in a post next month.)

The tone and style of the site have changed, along with a new dynamic website banner (it changes slightly each time you move to a new page!), but the general layout remains the same. I didn’t want to alienate my long-time followers by making them comb through the site for information. I absolutely hate it when stores change their layouts, and I spend twenty minutes looking for spaghetti sauce, don’t you?  I may still do some tweaking to the backdrop or color schemes here or there but nothing major.

I polished up my active social platforms—all two of them—and even dusted off my Pinterest, which I haven’t touched since I shelved my epic YA fantasy series a few years ago. I’ve been meaning to create some aesthetic boards for Colossa and my new project, so what better way to neglect my spouse than through Pinterest widowhood? (Sorry, honey!)

Tijana Drndarski

I’ve been wanting to create and implement my author brand for a while now. The imminent querying process for Colossa and the pivot into my third full writing project was just the kick in the pants I needed to get it done. And now, I’m just glad it IS done.  So, tell me, what do you think of the place? Don’t forget to enjoy the cookies—I brought them just for you!

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