March in Like a Lion (Even if You Feel Like a Lamb)

Now that March is officially here, I expect tons of blog posts will discuss, quote or at least mention that old weather-based saying, “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.”

lion running

But I say we take that adage and apply it instead to our personal energy as we head into the blooming season. Shake off those cold weather, dark month doldrums and prepare for the possibilities ahead.

shake it off

You know all of those New Year resolutions you made? Now’s the time to step up and get to work on them…no excuses!

doggy prancing

Whatever you promised yourself you would do—write a new book, audition for new roles, remodel your spare room, train for that 10k—March is the perfect time to kick it into high gear and pursue them.


You may not have the bandwidth for high-energy hijinks every day, but even on the most lamb-like days, a little bit of pep can pay off.


Maybe you have to fake that lion mentality some days, but your goals—your dreams—are worth pursuing, and no one else will do them for you.

doggy lion bubble hunting

So follow me in to March like a lion. Move through it like a lion. Leave it like a lion. You may just discover that this is your time—your chance—to roar!

lion roaring

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