Awful Poetry: We’ve All Gotta Start Somewhere

poem journal

I recently came across my first “journal” while looking for an old photo in my memory trunk. I can’t recall exactly when I acquired the journal, but I *believe* it was a Christmas gift from a family member, given sometime during my elementary school years. Perhaps sixth grade. I’m approximating the time based on the sheer awfulness of the poetry contained inside combined with the moderate decency of my cursive handwriting. Eleven-year-old me was neat but not overly talented.

I’m fine with admitting I wasn’t a literary prodigy, able to write world-class prose and poetry at a young age with all the precociousness of a fledgling Jane Austen. If I’m being brutally honest, I sucked. My poems were derivative and cliched and all those other fancy words that I didn’t know back then (or otherwise used like I thought I did…)

At the time, I truly thought I was a great writer, but the secret isn’t that I was bursting with unrecognized talent; it’s that I loved writing. Even as a young girl with starred ratings in my eyes, I had a passion for putting words on a page. Writing skill can be developed, but a desire to write is inherent.

Not everything I write today is a winner, but I can safely say my skill has much improved since sixth grade. I’m confident enough in what I produce now that I think it may be fun to actually share with you some of my early writings.

(Note to editors who are deciding whether or not to include my work in your publication: this is all an elaborate ruse. I didn’t write any of the below poems. I pinky swear.)

The Unicorn (which I have decided to retroactively rename The UberCorny)

The Unicorn rode the sky tonite
Leaving behind only mythical tales
The delicate wings of the unicorn
Spread out to touch the stars
Its crystal horn pointing at the moon
Catches the glimmering light from the stars
Turning it into the beauty of the Unicorn
The enchanting beauty that she kept for all time
The mane and tail that flew in the breeze
Traced the midnight, blue silky skies
Its hooves danced lightly upon the clouds
With only sounds of magical whispers
The Unicorn rode the sky tonite
Leaving behind only mythical tales

love poem 1

A Love Poem

My love for you has no words
Only feelings that echo in my heart
My love for you has no bounds
Only dreams that live in my heart
My love for you has no end
Only memories that play in my heart
My love for you has no limits
Only emotions that sing in my heart

love poem 2

More Love Poems

I love you more than life
Your mind cannot see this
I love you more than more
Your heart cannot read this
I love you more than eternity
Your hands cannot sense this
I love (you) more than ever
Your love cannot feel this
I love you my dear
I’ll always need you so
I love you my dear
Stronger than you can know


So, what does this photographic evidence of my literary delinquent youth say about me?  For one, I have always been and shall forever be a SciFi-Fantasy geek. That will never change. I was also a gawky and lovesick romantic, as a full 50% of my work in this journal is sappy love poetry.

It’s awful, and yes, a bit embarrassing, but I’m not ashamed of it. We’ve all gotta start somewhere, right?

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