KMBM: Movies!

I believe a person’s movie collection is an examination of their raw psyche. A glimpse into their soul. A dive into the depths of their purest identity. Okay . . . perhaps that’s a bit dramatic, but I do think movies can be a quick and entertaining introduction to a person’s personality and interests. I’m not talking about the ones we settle for because we’re lazy, bored, and Netflix is a bottomless well of mediocre distraction. I mean those movies and shows that we connect with on such an intimate level that we purchase them. Own then. Love them. Stroke them.


My movie collection (or at least, the ones on our shelf that I specifically consider to be “mine”) is somewhat modest in scope. Through the years, I’ve pared down my inventory until what remains is what’s essential to me. While every step we take into the future brings us closer to an exclusively digital streaming world (and as I noted in my post on technology, that’s generally a good thing), I’m compelled to keep these tangible copies of my essential movies, even though I rarely watch them. I still need to own them. Hold them. Stroke them.


Where was I? Oh, yes . . . this month’s Know Me By My (KMBM) post—Movie edition! Take a look at my shelf to learn a bit about my personality and interests, if not the deepest, darkest depths of my soul. That’s what poetry is for!


The first thing my movies should tell you is that I’m a sucker for sensory seduction. Give me a movie with gorgeous cinematography and arresting visuals, a lush musical score or pulsating soundtrack, a sweeping, epic plot, and a heart-wrenching love story. I’m picky and protective with my free time, so I want to be swept away when I invest that time in a movie. Phantom of the Opera, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, The Last of the Mohicans, Moulin Rouge, Interstellar, and The Fountain are perfect examples of movies that emotionally bind me to the screen.

You may also note that I am a major science fiction and fantasy geek. But then, if you follow my blog or Twitter account, you already know that. In that case, you’re likely not surprised to see the Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Last Unicorn, LadyHawke, The Fifth Element or Tron: Legacy on my shelf. Tron:Legacy is the latest edition to my collection—I LOVE the Daft Punk soundtrack, the worldbuilding, and the riveting story—while LadyHawke is the oldest movie I own. Because yes, that is on VHS. And yes, I do still have a VHS player for it. Quietly charming movies filled with quirky characters, romantic settings, and a touch of fabulism, like Chocolat, Amelie, and The Secret of Roan Inish, also hold a special place in my geek girl heart.

I’m generally not a real-world action, drama or goofy comedy fan, because I need speculative escapism and beauty in my movies, but there are some exceptions here. The Saint not only has a great soundtrack (which I have on CD, along with several from movies mentioned above. . . yes, I’m a soundtrack nut), but it’s an indulgent snapshot of 90s spy movies at their best. My love for Matt Damon’s strong, dangerously competent and valiant Jason Bourne character also clinched a spot for the Bourne series on my shelf.

Now, let me address one of the odd movies out in this collection: Midnight Madness is perhaps the dumbest, most juvenile and horribly dated movie you could watch, but it harkens to a treasured part of my youth: my once goofy and close relationship with my older sister. We’ve grown apart in our adult years, but I keep a copy of this movie because the nostalgia behind it is important to me. Speaking of childhood nostalgia, how many of you grew up with School House Rock? The educational Saturday morning shorts are absolutely the best.

The last tidbit I’ll leave you with is evidence of my Hollywood musical loving past. Few of the Rodgers and Hammerstein-era musicals I grew up with have stood the test of time, but Brigadoon is an exception. It has many of the things I love: a setting in the Scottish Highlands (by way of a sound stage, but still . . .), catchy tunes, brilliant choreography, and Gene Kelley.

That’s all for this month. Come back in July for KMBM: Mugs!

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