Episode 7 of ROYAL is Now Available!

[Edit 6/28/19: This series is being reworked for special distribution and is no longer available online. Please follow my site for more information in the coming months!]

Happy April, devoted ROYAL fans! If you’ve been waiting for the next episode of The Recipients of the Years of Amelia Layne (ROYAL for short), you can find it HERE. (I promise, it’s not an April Fool’s Day joke, though I did consider–and reject–a good ol’ Rick-rolling.)  If you are new to the series, no cheating! Start HERE instead.

ROYAL depicts the journey of a suicidal young woman as she learns to value life—literally—by giving away her unwanted years to those due to die in the next twelve months. Amelia quickly discovers that dealing out life isn’t as easy or as satisfying as one might think, especially when the mission comes with an actual deadline.

silhouette of girl during evening

At this point, I’d say we are at the halfway mark, but I’ve already had to adjust my plans to add this month’s episode. The issue covered was intended to be a small part of the following episode, but once I started writing, I realized the confrontation between Amelia and Aasma needed a full episode to do it justice. As it stands now, I have fourteen episodes (including this one) outlined, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned while writing an on-going web series on the fly, it’s to plan for everything–including change!

Well, as we used to say in the Marine Corps  . . . SEMPER GUMBY.

I hope you are enjoying this free web series as much as I enjoy writing it. Please, share with your friends and family via social media or with actual spoken words (both work–I’ve tried!) and encourage them to share with others.  The episodes are all free, and blog follows, views and visits are valuable.  It means I’m doing something right.

See you next month for Episode Eight!

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