Episode Five of ROYAL is Up!

[Edit 6/28/19: This series is being reworked for special distribution and is no longer available online. Please follow my site for more information in the coming months!]

I am happy to announce that episode five of The Recipients of the Years of Amelia Layne(ROYAL for short) is now available!  If you’re new to Amelia’s story, start HERE.

contemplationThe Recipients of the Years of Amelia Layne depicts the journey of a suicidal young woman as she learns to value life—literally—by giving away her unwanted years to those due to die in the next twelve months.

Typically, I try to get new episodes posted by the first of every month. Sometimes, I’m a bit early. This month, I’m obviously a bit late.  Blame that on my propensity to be easily distract–


Anyway, what was I saying? Oh, yes . . . my tardiness in posting Episode Five.  Fellow Frederick-based writer Amanda Linehan shared a link to a gruesomely wonderful Valentine short story contest called BLOODY VALENTINE from the Tales from the Moonlit Path online fiction magazine. An idea instantly popped into my head one night, and I was obligated (OBLIGATED, I say!) to write and submit it. As it was due on 1 February (and the idea graced me with its presence on 29 January), I channeled all my free time to that venture, thus putting ROYAL temporarily on the back burner.  I apologize for that (both to you and to poor Amelia), but I think the story I got out of it–whether it is honored in the contest or not–is worth it. It’s a squicky and horrible tale of love gone wrong, but that’s all I can share for now. The contest results should be out by Valentine’s Day, so I highly suggest–if you love romance or horror or romance horror–that you head over to their site on the 14th for some indulgently gruesome tales!

Thank you to everyone following and reading The Recipients of the Years of Amelia Layne. As always, if you enjoy it, please take time to recommend it to friends, family and coworkers via social media or actual word-of-mouth.

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