Episode Three of ROYAL Now Available

[Edit 6/28/19: This series is being reworked for special distribution and is no longer available online. Please follow my site for more information in the coming months!]

Great news for those online during Cyber Monday: episode three of The Recipients of the Years of Amelia Layne (ROYAL for short) is now available! If you aren’t already following Amelia’s story, start HERE.

contemplationThis new (at what point do I stop calling it new?) serialized speculative fiction drama depicts the journey of a suicidal young woman as she learns to value life—literally—by giving away her unwanted time to those due to die in the coming year.

The entire ROYAL series is FREE to read and easy to find; just follow my website and accept to receive notices when new content is added. Or, you can check back once a month. A new episode is published on the first of each month, though sometimes—like today—I might sneak it in there early. Episode four is in the works, so expect to see that one on (or likely before!) the first day of 2019.

Thank you to everyone following and reading The Recipients of the Years of Amelia Layne. If you enjoy it, please take time to recommend it to friends, family and coworkers via social media or actual word-of-mouth. After all, coffee and affirmation is lifeblood to a writer!


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