New Anthology Release from Frederick Writer’s Salon

intersections-twitterI am crazy-proud to announce that–after more than a year of drafting, critiquing, writing, editing, soliciting, formatting, and polishing—my writing support group has released our second short-story anthology! INTERSECTIONS is now available in paperback and digital download on Amazon, and all proceeds for online and in-store sales benefit the Literacy Council of Frederick, Maryland.

Members of the Frederick Writers’ Salon had such fun producing our first anthology that we decided to do it again.  INTERSECTIONS is a mix of short stories that occur during a special day in May in downtown Frederick:

First Saturday in Frederick, Maryland.
A time and place not where anything can happen but does happen. Join twelve writers as they reveal the hidden stories of seemingly ordinary people and things whose lives intersect in downtown Frederick, Maryland:
A woman with a peculiar necklace hides a secret in its stones; 
A group of young airmen ponder relationships and escape routes; 
A new driver tests her mettle behind the wheel of an old station wagon; 
A lost cat evades death; a lost dog may lead his owner to it; 
A young girl follows a ghostly melody; Karma is dispatched on a mission;
Travelers arrive from another time; visitors come from another world.
Chances are you’ve crossed paths with such strangers and have never borne them much thought before. Perhaps now, you will.

INTERSECTIONS includes fiction by James Allnutt, Tisdale Flannery, Dr. Dale A. Grove, Amanda Linehan, J.J. Maxwell, Anna O’ Brien, Anna O’Keefe, A. Francis Raymond, Edwin Stanfield, Suz Thackston, Charmaine Weston, and yes–me!  The book also features cover artwork by local artist Kirby Evans and chapter art by Claudia Tisdale.

There’s  something for everyone in this book, from science fiction romance to contemporary, and young adult to anthropomorphic fiction. The lovely paperback is $10 and the Kindle version is just $1.99, and as mentioned, proceeds go to a great cause: the Literacy Council of Frederick, Maryland.  So pick up a copy today, and don’t forget to leave us a review!

P.S. Our first anthology, UNLOCKED: Short Stories from the Frederick Writers’ Salon  is also available in paperback and digital download through Amazon, with all proceeds benefitting the same great organization!  And if you’re going to get one book, you might as well get them both . . . amirite?

Thanks for loving good storytelling!





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