Pitch Wars Young Adult Mentors Handy MSWL

So, I did a thing….

If you are a hopeful Pitch Wars mentee for Young Adult/New Adult, and you haven’t already picked out your Most Wanted Mentors, then do I have a helpful list for you!  I had the day off (courtesy a left eye surgery – thanks, early onset cataracts!) and spent the parts of it when I wasn’t napping with bandages packed over my eye browsing through the mentor blogs.  The intent was to make a reference of all the mentors taking YA Fantasy, as that’s my entry this year.  But then, one thing led to another, and wouldn’t you know it….I now have a full list of all the mentors with the major genres they are slobbering for this year!

A few words, please, before you jump to the list:

  • Think of this list as a way to prioritize the blogs you visit.  If you are short on time (I know I usually am!) and you have a contemporary MS you want to pitch, you might find it helpful to concentrate on the mentors marked for contemporary first, and then visit others as you have time. I still suggest visiting them all at some point – it’s the only way you’ll find the scavenger hunt words!
  • I tried to stick with major genre categories, but some mentors are open in what they accept, so keep that in mind if you are using this list to help prioritize your search.  For example, some mentors suggested that while they don’t want SFF, they might like some ghosts or lite time travel in their historicals and romances. In that case, I may have marked them for lite paranormal and lite SF along with the other two.  And others may have indicated they “really are NOT the one for <blank> but voice/character/prose/etc. is most important…” so I would have marked them a NO for <blank> genre, but they might still take it if it’s got killer voice, etc.
  • This is NOT intended to be authoritative, nor should it be the only thing you go by! I tried to be as exact as possible in marking the genres for each mentor/mentor team, but remember – I only have one eye today! Please, just use it as a starting point, and remember to also look at the types of books the mentors love – if you can comp a book on their love list, they may just be the right mentor for you!
  • Here is the code for the list:
    • ROSE: They wants it, precious.
    • GRAY: They don’t wants it.
    • WHITE/BLANK: No preference indicated on that genre.
  • Most of the genres should be self explanatory, but MyST is Mystery/Suspense/ Thriller, MR is Magical Realism, and Para is Paranormal/Supernatural.

So without further ado, here is the list:





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