If you’ve found yourself on this page, it was either quite by accident, or it was unintentional. Perhaps you were attempting to search for DMT or domosexual – both of which Google tries to helpfully suggest when I test search for my website, and neither of which I was familiar with until I subsequently Googled them.

If, however, you are here because you’ve been hearing rumors about this intriguing new YA author and you wanted to learn more about me, then you’ve come to the right place. I am still adding content, but feel free to browse – it won’t take much of your time, I promise.

(Oh, and if you are here because you’re a young adult Young Adult reader, do NOT Google those words above. I don’t want your parents to not trust me this early in our author/reader relationship.  That comes later.)

Wait, don’t leave. You just got here! I know you’re looking around and thinking “But this site has no content!” And you’d be right, if you weren’t so right. But I got a little stuff – just lookie here:

I’m D.M. Domosea, universe creator and storyteller extraordinaire. I’m what you might call a “fledgling” author, which is a euphemism for “unpublished.” But I am working hard to fix that. And if you bookmark my site (or “follow” it, or jot down the address on the nearest scrap of paper that you will wash with your jeans tomorrow), you will find that, in time, my name will become a household….um, name.

And one day, when my debut novel finds an audience — after finding a publisher, after finding an agent — and I make it to the top of the (Ponchatoula) Times Bestseller List, you’ll recall this moment fondly. And perhaps even buy a copy to remember the good ol’ days when you used to visit my site by accident.

Okay, now I’m just stalling to keep you here. But I meant it about the debut novel.

– D.M. Domosea

Follow me on Twitter @DMDomosea


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