About Me.

D.M. Domosea is a certified adult with muggle job for eight hours of the day and a make-believer for the rest. Her short stories are featured in various anthologies, including Beach Pulp and Sandy Paws from Cat and Mouse Press and In the Shadow of the Spires from the Frederick Writers Salon. She is seeking representation for her middle grade superhero adventure novel, Colossa and the Big Kids, and working on the next manuscript in her story nursery, a young adult horror.

D.M. has a B.A. in Journalism and a M.A. in Diplomacy, the latter of which has proven useful for covering up a crack in her office wall. That crack may or may not lead to other worlds. When she’s not busy doing her characters’ biddings, she can often be found refinishing furniture, running off calories from a gummy bear addiction, and of course, reading. D.M. lives in the dwindling woodlands of Maryland with her number-one fan (in a spousal way, not an Annie Wilkes way…), lemon and lime trees named Lemmy and Squiggy, and the writer’s requirement of two impertinent cats. She’s also a mom to three adult kids who are scattered across the United States and don’t call home near enough to her liking.