D.M. Domosea is a certified adult for eight hours of the day and a world creator for the rest. Her stories are featured in various anthologies, including Beach Pulp from Cat and Mouse Press, Unlocked: Short Stories from the Frederick Writers’ Salon, and  Intersections: A Short Story Anthology From The Frederick Writers’ Salon. She writes a monthly column titled “The S Word” for the Luna Station Quarterly blog and is the creator of the online speculative series, The Recipients of the Years of Amelia Layne.

D.M. is seeking representation for her middle grade superhero adventure novel, Colossa and the Big Kids. D.M. lives in the dwindling woodlands of Maryland with her husband, youngest daughter, a Great Pyrenees who can’t be bothered ith human commands, and the writer’s standard complement of two insolent cats (Yes, she’s aware that’s redundant.) Follow her on Twitter @DMDomosea