Okay, so it’s nothing like the ice bucket challenge, unless you choose to dump a bucket of ice over your head as you post your goods.  But since my computer has a palpable dislike of all things wet, I am forgoing the optional “ice” part. So this is how the Twitter-born 7x7x7x7 challenge works:

Step 1: Scroll to the 7th page of your work-in-progress (WIP) or the story you entered into the lovely PitchWars.

Step 2: Go down to the 7th line.

Step 3: Post the next 7 lines.

Step 4: Tag 7 writer friends.

Too easy, right?  And a lot more fun than dumping ice over yourself while someone films your “aaaaiiiiiieeeee!” face, but at least that brings awareness to a worthy cause (ALS).  This challenge, on the other hand, will just bring awareness to the unlimited talent of the PitchWars writing community.  I am posting from my WIP, which is actually Book II of the MS I submitted to PitchWars.  Enjoy!

They didn’t drip or run, but the shallow wound did sting. Evadne peered up at Isaura and pursed her lips. The kattenai was both worried that the others might ask her to heal Evadne’s leg and defiant, because she would do no such thing. But when she delved deeper, Evadne sensed conflict within her white-winged sister. Not because Isaura wanted to heal others when her religion otherwise forbade it, but because the tenets of her religious abilities were clearly at odds with the expectations of everyone around her. Were they right and she wrong? Her struggle was over the doubt those thoughts created within her.

“It’s fine, see? It already stopped bleeding. It’ll heal on its own. I don’t need her magic.” Evadne let go of her leg.


I was challenged by @WritingIzzy and @neicolec, and I am supposed to tag seven other writers. I’m a bit late to the party, though, and I’ll bet everyone I know has already been tagged, BUT…I am going to challenge the following individuals anyway: